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[network] Apple shoes in the conference in September of this year, Nike+ Move and iPhone apple;; 5S and M7 co processor appeared at the same time, the application of motion from Nike has been officially released.

Because of the cold weather, people's joint muscles need more time to warm up.

is a season of sports injuries in autumn and winter. Because the weather is relatively cold, people's joints and muscles need more time to warm up, and many runners often start up without enough warming up, causing unnecessary pain.

, especially in winter, because the temperature is low, the human body's ligament and muscle are more crisp and more rigid, and the muscles are tight. If the warm-up is not done well or even warm up, it will run violently, and it is easy to get hurt. In addition to muscle strain, some common problems such as running knee iliotibial band, leg anterior position, tendonitis and so on also easy to disease.

below is for you to explain

a few big runs in autumn and winter

injury and prevention strategy
We come so we come
NO.1 muscle strain

muscle active contraction or passive excessive stretching caused by muscle micro injury, partial muscle tear or complete breakage, all known as muscle strain. Muscle injuries in running are often caused by inadequate warm-up, inadequate training, excessive muscle fatigue, and error in running posture.
After the
muscle injury, local pain, swelling, muscle tension, and cramps will occur.

prevention of treasure

(1) warm up before running. Warm-up can raise body temperature, reduce muscle viscosity, relax muscles, and make muscles meet the state of running. Be careful, you must not do hot body exercises directly, especially in winter.
training to do what. Arrange the running quantity rationally according to its own situation, do not blindly copy other people's training plan, and have the condition to ask the professional coach to guide the training plan.
(3) learn the right running posture. Including the swing arm, send hips, feet landing, stride frequency, learning economical running position.
We come so we come
NO.2 iliac tibial tract syndrome

, which is more common among runners, shows pain on the lateral side of the knee, below the knee. When the knee is tightened, there will be a burning pain on the outside, and it is difficult to cure. When running a lot, it will often attack repeatedly.

prevention of treasure

ran back the appropriate size of iliac bundle tensile
The use of
foam shaft myofascial massage, lying on his side on the bubble axis, one foot on top of the other foot on the lateral thigh length; rolling up and down, do not pay attention to the pressure head; each side of the 10 groups during the slow rolling back and forth, 3.
raise the hips and lower limb strength, wall static squat, squat, squat and other actions to maintain and improve the strength of the hip and lower limb.We come so we come
NO.3 tibial stress syndrome

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