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Inventory: interesting marathon British runners repeatedly set the slowest world record

now, running a marathon has become a fashion, and many people start a "horse race" career. What does a marathon run well? Some people are really very fond of marathon, and let's look at some interesting things about the marathon.

2003 London Marathon small statistics

joined the London Marathon in 2003, reaching 33641 people, the oldest in history, the oldest 91 years old, and 32847 people in the whole process. The last one took 5 days to reach the finish line.
organizing committee spent 2 million 500 thousand pounds on the players' attendance fees, travel expenses and accommodation fees. The male and female champion prize is 55000 dollars, the bonus amount is 2 million 950 thousand dollars, the world best achievement award is 125 thousand yuan, and Canucci's bonus is 400 thousand dollars.
audience reached 600 thousand people, 6000 volunteers participated in the organization, and the BBC television station was broadcast live for 5.5 hours and 178 countries were broadcast. In addition to the invited professional players, the other 30 thousand competitors should pay 25 pounds for registration fee, get 8 million 100 thousand pounds from the TV broadcast and registration fee, and each person who runs the race will get a prize. The organizing committee dispatched 68 ambulances, 500 stretchers, 95 simple toilets, nearly 40 thousand sandwiches for the contestants, 70 thousand bottles of drinking water, 7000 police and security personnel, and 50 trucks for the contestants to carry the luggage from the starting point to the terminal.

Stockholm people love long run

Stockholm people are fond of long distance races. In June 1, 1985, there were 17163 people in the Stockholm marathon, accounting for 2% of the population in the city. Because the temperature is up to 25 degrees centigrade, the terrain is undulating and too big, the result is flat, the first place is only 2 hours and 17 points. However, there was a miracle that appeared in a small town of only 5000 people in Hasen. Hasen than I live Buruma distance is only 4 kilometers, near Lake Malaren, king of Sweden and lived in Drottningholm around a narrow strip of water, trees trees, green flooring, the shrine is running. Hasen has a S.K long-distance running club than the town. In the Stockholm marathon race, 3 people entered the top 10, and 9 of them scored 2 hours and 20 points. According to the average population level, the figure must be a world record.

88 years old and old marathon

in 2001 at the Rome International Marathon, Kenya's Cherono and Italy's Quetta fenhuonannv championship. However, this game is not the most impressiveness two winners, but a 88 year old lady of the United states.

· Fenya; crown is 88 years old, but she is like the other 50 thousand players as the courage to participate in the Rome marathon. When >

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